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Car Door Window Won’t Budge? Possible Problems

Feb 12, 2022 Excavator blog

Avoid a costly auto repair bill when your car door window just won’t work. Follow these steps to check the many parts involved in your power windows.

First, remove the unclean contacts at the master switch. You will find them at the driver’s console.

If the contacts are clean and the switch is functioning properly, the next suspect is the motor and it must be in need of replacing. Whatever the brand, the steps for replacing a window regulator are similar:

1. Take out the panel of the door with the malfunctioning window.

2. Remove the holding bolts of the regulator.

3. Pull out the old regulator after disconnecting all the wiring. Replace it with the new one you have purchased from a parts supplier. Buy it online to avoid hidden costs when ordering through a dealer.

4. Tighten the bolts holding the new regulator and fix the moisture barrier back into the slot. Push all wires back into their positions before reassembling the door panel.

5.Switch the power window on and the new regulator will operate as you expected.