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General Tips for Truck Sway Bar Installation

Oct 24, 2020 Excavator blog

Known as a stabilizer bar or an anti-roll bar, a truck sway bar keeps your vehicle from leaning too far into a turn. It works by connecting the right and left sides of your suspension together. When your vehicle turns a corner, all of the weight moves toward the side that is closest to the corner. A sway bar helps to keep the opposite tires on the road where they belong; this levels the truck and keeps it from rolling over or becoming hard to control. Most trucks are both high and long, which makes them top-heavy. The center of gravity can easily transfer to the top of the truck in a tight turn, hence the penchant for rolling over when a corner is taken too fast. A sway bar exerts pressure on the outside tires during a turn, pressing them toward the road. This gives more traction to the driver.

Rear Sway Bars

It may be easier to connect your sway bar properly if you put a little weight in the rear of the truck. The weight will push the truck to where it needs to be and show you any clearance issues you may not see without it.

Allow Space

Even with a truck you will need room to move around. Placing the vehicle up on a set of jack stands is a good idea. When using jack stands it is always a good idea to set the emergency brake even if you are working on the rear of the truck. It is always safer to lock all four wheels.

Wear Eye Protection

Any time you are under a vehicle wearing the proper safety gear is also important. Protect your eyes from any debris with a pair of safety goggles and if you have long hair tie it up on your head and wear a cap. Catching your hair in the wheels of a creeper can be disastrous.

Front Sway Bar

When installing a front sway bar it may be easier to remove the front tires. Also remove the passenger side tie rod from the control arm.

Right Side Up V Upside Down

A sway bar will work just fine if installed upside-down. In fact, this positioning may give you the extra clearance you need to go around your exhaust system.

Passenger V Drivers Side

It may seem a bit odd but it will be easier to attach the sway bar passenger side first as well as upside down. This is especially true if you are using a slightly larger sway bar.

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