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Hyundai unwraps new 90 tonner

Jan 6, 2020 Excavator blog

Hyundai has replaced its R800LC-9 crawler excavator with the new 90-tonne HX900 L.

The HX900 L is the second-largest model in the Hyundai stable, behind the 120-tonne R1200-9.

It is powered by a Scania DC16 084A – 478 kW (641 hp) water-cooled stage IV compliant engine and its operating weight is 88,800 kg.

With reinforced belly pans, X-shaped lower frame, a strengthened boom and wear-resistant shims, it has been built to withstand the rigours of quarry and demolition applications, as well as the toughest construction sites, the Korean manufacturer says.

The HX900 L has also been designed and manufactured with a full track guard to help prevent separation of the track and protect the link and roller.

Latest engine technologies, a more efficient vertically stacked cooling design, a twin cooling system combining a radiator and charged air cooler (CAC) fan with a reversible oil cooler fan, together with hydraulic system improvements, all contribute to an overall fuel efficiency improvement of up to 9% over the old R800LC-9, Hyundai claims.

Inside the cab, there is an eight-inch touch screen control panel and an audio system with integrated Bluetooth hands-free feature and built-in microphone, allowing the operator to take and make calls while digging.

Like the other HX series excavators, the Hyundai HX900 L comes with a two-year, 3,000-hour standard warranty as well as five years of free access to its Hi-Mate remote management system.

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