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Engineering machinery and equipment maintenance and repair

Of the machine to implement the regular maintenance is the key to extend the life of machinery and equipment. Railway construction unit of the maintenance of machinery and equipment have a lot of clearly defined, but many of the mechanical maintenance and construction units have a lot of clearly defined, but many of the construction unit to a tight schedule, tasks are often overlooked heavy maintenance work that the machinery in the political parties to run, there is no fault, no need to stop for maintenance. Because the maintenance can eliminate the mechanical risks, if not timely maintenance, tend to make big machinery and equipment failures, or even accidents. This will not only increase maintenance costs, but also delay the construction period.
        Repair work is to extend the service life of machinery equipment; an important part of the maintenance of a reasonable method can be used effectively to extend the service life of engineering machinery.
        According to Japanese statistics, use of condition monitoring, repair and maintenance according to the South African way, the annual maintenance fees may be reduced by 25% -50% failure rate by 75% and prolong machine life, iron and testing center in each of the two Board the site of large imports of machinery for state testing, has achieved good results, so that maintenance costs dropped by 10% -30%, 47% reduction in the amount of repairs, machinery intact rate of increase in service life increased.
        Japan to build Factory’s “low-cost, rapid repair of Law” is also to extend the service life of machinery or parts thereof an effective way. The implementation of this law, in addition to mechanical design maintenance design used to improve the maintenance of machinery and equipment, the practice can also be used in the maintenance of the following methods: ① part transposition, construction machinery on many parts, such as bulldozers, excavators, crawler marketing, diesel duo cylinder and so on, often bear a one-way running load, resulting in uneven wear and tear, if the timely replacement of parts by the location of a balanced load, making them wear a balanced, then extended it gives to life. A T-320 Bulldozer with Cummins NT-855 engine cylinder, so every six months to be due to cavitations and the replacement of the cylinder was set to run for some time after turning 90 º to install, it effectively extends the service life. ② Brush with adhesive repair adhesive at the construction site using brush repair process, you can quickly cost to repair failed components.
        With the maintenance of technological progress, extend the service life of advanced machinery and equipment parts repair technology appeared in large numbers, such as wear-resistant surfacing, spraying diamond – nickel plating, magnetic plating, laser plating and so on. Construction unit because of conditions, and not 11 to use, but can cooperate with the local large-scale production enterprises, the rational use of first-time repair process, to extend machine life.
        It is worth mentioning that discussed above are to extend the life of machinery and equipment physical methods, in fact, there is the economic life of the life of mechanical and technological life of the points. Economic life is a mechanical shield from an economic point of view the most rational use of time, specifically refers to the average annual use of machinery can cost (an annual purchase costs by machinery and mechanical assessments of the annual operating costs of two parts) the lowest the number of years. Technical life is from a technical analysis point of view the most rational use of machine time, specifically, that started from the machinery to be eliminated due to technical backwardness of the duration with the speed of technological progress, while the Chi machine running time of has nothing to do.
        Therefore, the service life of machinery and equipment is not longer good, not appropriate to extend the mechanical life can sometimes result in economic losses, and even impede technological progress, only the timely replacement of machinery and equipment, in order to promote, when advances in technology, accelerate economic growth , Day-dimensional energy, increase economic efficiency.