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How to Repair Excavator Rightly

As a heavy duty machine, excavator needs to be maintained regularly. However, if you find some problems on your excavator, you have to repair it as soon as possible before everything getting worse. How to repair excavator is not difficult but it should be done carefully. You can ask the repairman but you can also consider repairing it by your own. If you want to repair it, you have to know the steps that will be explained below.

There are some important steps how to fix excavator. Firstly, you have to detect the track tension of the excavator. Secondly, you should access the plate. Check it whether there is something wrong or not. After that, you must check the gap between the base of the excavator & the surface of ground. It should be at least 6 inches. If the gap is less than 6 inches, you have to lift it up using hydraulic jack. Now, you can repair your excavator completely.

Then, you should put new track on the drive wheel sprocket using metal links. Now, you can skate the track on the tension wheel with pry bar. Next, push the bottom of the track to get on metal links on over wheels. You can use your foot for it. The next step how to repair excavator is to put grease zerk into track tension frame. Push grease into the zerk using grease gun. If you find the track frame sag up to three inches, do not smear grease again.

How to repair construction excavator also requires you to place its engine on the idle. You must try rotating its track in every direction with the control lever. You also need to check the sag by turning the engine off. Keep rotating the track and stop when the sag is 3 inches or more. Lastly, you should lower the hydraulic jack to detach the block. After the excavator touches the ground, you can try turning on the machine and using it again.

That is all how to repair excavator. If you follow the steps rightly, it will not be difficult. These steps will work but you may need a labor to help you. It also requires good concentration. If you can repair your excavator, why would you buy the new one? Hopefully this will be a useful guide for you who have problems with your excavator.

Description: How to repair excavator can be done easily with some steps. These steps shared will be useful. By following them, your excavator will work well again.