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30-tonne addition to Hyundai’s A series

The new HX300AL is a 30-tonne Stage V-compliant crawler excavator from Hyundai Construction Equipment.

The HX300AL (pictured above) is bigger brother to the 22-tonne HX220AL announced by Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe just a few weeks ago, continuing the roll-out of the Korean manufacturer’s new A-series.

Hyundai describes the machines as ‘bringing in a new era’, with a Stage V engine, new hydraulic flow regulation, improved operator controls with 2D/3D machine guidance, new safety features and improved uptime and productivity.

The Electric Pump Independent Control feature (or EPIC) controls the pump’s regulation independently for improved fuel efficiency and controllability. The Auto Safety Lock prevents unintended operation/start of the excavator. Eco guidance indicates ‘inefficient operation’ status to prevent wasted fuel or hydraulic power.

Then there is Machine Guidance / Machine Control (MG/MC), which indicates the work status and automatically controls the attachment to assist the driver. MG displays the position of the bucket tip and uses positioning guidance to help the operator. MC will automatically take over the grading with the bucket tip or face and has an automatic stop control: up, down, forward, and cabin protection.

The Cummins B6.7 engine has an all-in-one exhaust after-treatment system, integrating the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), the DEF injector (SCR) and diesel particulate filter (DPF). This removes the need for any exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).  Hyundai says that this results in ‘a de-complexed, powerful, and environment-friendly solution’.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe product specialist Peter Sebold says: “One of the standout features of the new HX series is named EPIC, and rightly so. The new Electric Pump Independent Control is an energy-saving technology that reduces the pump flow rate during levelling and truck loading operation by controlling the pump’s displacement individually. Think next-level load sensing, fuel saving of up to 8% daily average and general all-round operator and owner satisfaction, that’s just another win for this highly anticipated machine.”

The HX300AL is available in L version, NL version, High Walker version with optional monoboom, 2-piece boom and long reach configuration.

Brief specs:

  • Engine: Cummins B6.7 (Stage V)
  • Net Power:  194 kW / 264 hp
  • Operating weight: 30,200 kg up to 33,670 kg
  • Machine width / track width: 2990 mm (NL-version) up to 3400 mm (L-version and HW-version with 800 mm track shoes)
  • Max. digging depth: 8030 mm (mono boom) / 14,740 mm (long reach)
  • Max. digging reach: 11,420 mm (mono boom) / 18,530 mm (long reach)
  • Tail swing radius: 3120 mm
  • Bucket breakout force:  (ISO)192.2 kN
  • Arm digging force: (ISO)190.2 kN

Satisfied customer for Ireland’s first Hyundai HX900L

Irish plant and dredging contractor Mill Road Plant Ltd is loyal to the Hyundai brand, having run the Korean excavators since 2005.

No surprise, then, when the County Offaly company, run by father and son Donal and Mark Walsh (pictured below), took delivery of the first Hyundai HX900L excavator to enter service in Ireland.

The 90-tonner was supplied by Whelan Plant Sales, based in County Clare.

The new HX900L has been put to work recovering gravel from lagoons in Derryarkin, close to Rochfordbridge in Westmeath. It has joined a working fleet dominated by Hyundai machines, working collectively on gravel recovery, production, loading and pit development.

Donal Walsh says: “I travelled to see a HX900L working in the UK and even though it was in a much different application to ours, I immediately knew it was the right machine for the job. I agreed the specification with George Whelan, and he put an attractive deal together without delay.”

He has not been disappointed. “The digging power with the HX900L is excellent and it’s a really smooth machine to operate,” he says. “To get the most out of a machine like this with the kind of reach it offers, stability is very important, and I see it as being first class since it’s so well balanced over the whole working range.”

He adds: “Based on the speed of its boom and slewing movements, it’s hard to believe it’s a ninety-tonne excavator. This was already noticeable on the HX480L, but I am surprised at how fast the HX900L actually is, since machines of this size are usually more about capacity than speed, but this has both with first-rate comfort and smooth controls.”

Incorporating the longest possible boom specification, without moving up to a specialist long reach boom configuration, the machine has been delivered with an 8.2-metre mono boom and 4.4-metre dipper arm. When allied to a directly mounted bespoke bucket produced by Tighe Engineering, with cooperation from Donal Walsh and Whelan Plant Sales, the machine offers a maximum digging depth of 9.6 metres while yielding maximum reach at ground level of 14.43 metres.

Bucket capacity is close to six cubic metres thanks to its wing shields. Stability has been aided by the fitment of the optional heavier counterweight, which weighs in at 16.5 tonnes. The long undercarriage running on 700mm-wide double grouser track shoes gives an operating width of 4.2 metres.

Despite the high power rating of 478 kW provided by the Scania V8 engine, it is less thirsty than its similar-sized predecessor on site.

“For a machine in this size class, the fuel consumption is already quite low and without even been run in just yet is using four hundred litres per day,” Donal Walsh says.

Hyundai unwraps new 90 tonner

Hyundai has replaced its R800LC-9 crawler excavator with the new 90-tonne HX900 L.

The HX900 L is the second-largest model in the Hyundai stable, behind the 120-tonne R1200-9.

It is powered by a Scania DC16 084A – 478 kW (641 hp) water-cooled stage IV compliant engine and its operating weight is 88,800 kg.

With reinforced belly pans, X-shaped lower frame, a strengthened boom and wear-resistant shims, it has been built to withstand the rigours of quarry and demolition applications, as well as the toughest construction sites, the Korean manufacturer says.

The HX900 L has also been designed and manufactured with a full track guard to help prevent separation of the track and protect the link and roller.

Latest engine technologies, a more efficient vertically stacked cooling design, a twin cooling system combining a radiator and charged air cooler (CAC) fan with a reversible oil cooler fan, together with hydraulic system improvements, all contribute to an overall fuel efficiency improvement of up to 9% over the old R800LC-9, Hyundai claims.

Inside the cab, there is an eight-inch touch screen control panel and an audio system with integrated Bluetooth hands-free feature and built-in microphone, allowing the operator to take and make calls while digging.

Like the other HX series excavators, the Hyundai HX900 L comes with a two-year, 3,000-hour standard warranty as well as five years of free access to its Hi-Mate remote management system.

Wheeled excavator proves a productive niche for owner-operator

Richard Collins is an owner-operator, trading as Collins Plant Hire, working on a number of major infrastructure projects across Ireland. Flexibility, to maximise asset utilisation, and reliability, to minimise downtime, are essential in his line of work.

Collins has recently invested in a new Hyundai HW140 wheeled excavator, with an operating weight of 13,880 kg. He bought the machine from Hyundai dealer Whelan Plant Sales, based in County Clare.

The machine was supplied as a package, complete with an Engcon EC219 tiltrotator (retrofitted in Whelan’s yard) and a Leica iCON iXE2 2D machine control system, supplied and fitted by Eoin Genochi, a Leica machine control technician at Levelling Equipment Services (LES) in County Kildare.

“I bought my first Hyundai, a dash-7 model, from Whelan back in 2004 and I found that it was a reliable and a very good machine – which I kept for seven years,” Collins says. “I then traded this machine in for another dash-9 Hyundai, which I was operating until earlier this year, when I then made the decision to purchase a brand new Hyundai to keep up with my increasing work schedule.”

He says: “There were a number of factors that led me to buy the new Hyundai, in addition to a growth in work contracts. Firstly, it was the dealer – Whelan is a fantastic company to deal with and they offer a ‘second to none’ service – and I know that the Hyundai is a great machine. The price was also very good, as was the finance package offered by Whelan.

“I find that Hyundai’s are real ‘drivers’ machines – it’s very comfortable in the cab which is important if you’re working in the cab all day – I have already clocked up 1000 hours in a matter of months!

“I specialise in roadworks, so I decided that the wheeled excavator was the best machine for me. There are very few wheeled excavator owner-operators in the country, so I find I get a lot more hire work and at a far better rate than on a tracked machine – particularly with the Engcon tiltrotator attachment and Leica system additions.”

He continues: “I was approached by Eoin at Levelling Equipment Services (LES) in regard to the Leica system and we met. I decided that the 2D excavator machine control system was the perfect addition for the Hyundai and would complement the Engcon tiltrotator.”

The Leica 2D system allows multiple elevations and slopes to be constructed, at any orientation without resetting the machine or laser height. The iCON iXE2 also provides integrated tiltrotator support, giving the operator clear guidance information about the actual tilt and rotation position relative to the job.

“My work is predominantly focused on infrastructure upgrades, such as roadworks and large-scale civil engineering projects. As such, a lot of the work I carry out takes place in confined spaces, like the sidings of busy motorways for example, so I need my machine to be as flexible, responsive and as safe as possible. This is why I also specified Hyundai’s AAVM (All Around View Monitoring) camera system, and I would recommend it to anybody.  It’s very effective for me as I am always on the move and there can be a lot of people working around me in close proximity to the machine – this system keeps them and me safe.  It’s also good to prevent the machine from getting damaged working in confined spaces as you have a 360-degree view and a birds-eye view of your surroundings.”

Talking about the Engcon system, he says: “I’ve been aware of the benefits of tiltrotators for some time, but Engcon is the first manufacturer to supply me with a unit which enables me to really explore their full potential. The productivity benefit of the EC219 was particularly brought home to me in a job I completed in County Cork.

“I was working as part of a team doing some major drainage operations in the region. Before the tiltrotator arrived on site, the crew were clearing between 80 and 90 metres per day. After we started using the Hyundai with the tiltrotator installed, we more than doubled that to over 200 metres a day – dramatically reducing the amount of time we needed to spend on-site and making valuable savings on labour.”

The tiltrotator also has DC2 controls, Engcon’s proportional control system, and integrated ePS, enabling the operator to see the exact excavation area via the machine control system’s display in the cab.

“I know some operators are reluctant to invest in advanced systems – especially those working solo,” he concludes. “However, I can honestly say that investing in the Engcon tiltrotator and the Leica 2D system to support my new Hyundai, have proved to be worth every penny I spent on them.  Work smarter – not harder! I am now able to complete work faster, to an even higher standard than before.”

Hyundai reveals new livery to hide the dirt

The annual gathering Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE) dealers has been introduced to the new colour scheme that Hyundai is introducing for its A-series machines.

The annual European dealer conference is taking place in Belgium today at HCEE headquarters.

The new Stage V compliant A-series machines, which include wheeled loaders and excavators, will now have their booms painted what is described as “a modern grey-green tone” instead of the previous Hyundai yellow.

Pictured above, for example is the older HX300L excavator on the left and the new HX300AL on the right.

As you can see, the new grey front-end is identical in colour to the undercarriages. And the Hyundai logo on the boom will now be white on black instead of black on yellow.

Pictured below, is the old HL960 loader alongside the new-look HL960A.

Hyundai believes that the new livery will “strengthen the brand image” and help customers to distinguish A-Series machines in the field more easily as they will stand out from the crowd.

More practically, Hyundai tell us, it will also hide the dirt better. Or as they put it: “The new dark tone of the arm and boom will also ensure that the natural discolouration from oil, dirt and grease, will be less visible. Which will also look great from an aesthetic point of view!”

The new colours will be applied to all A-series excavators and A-series wheel loaders with immediate effect.