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Kobelco introduces Stage V 14-tonne excavator

The new Kobelco SK140SRLC-7 is a 14-tonne crawler excavator that, it is claimed, “delivers a new class-defining standard in operational use and operator comfort”.

The SK140SRLC-7 is part of Kobelco’s new Stage V compliant generation of excavators. The 2,999cc Isuzu turbo-charged diesel engine delivers a 10% increase in engine output compared to the previous SK140SRLC-5 model. With a new hydraulic control system, digging cycle time has also been reduced by 10%, compared with the previous model, Kobelco says.

Inside the cabin, the 10-inch colour monitor is said to be the largest in-cab visual information screen in the excavator industry. This displays not just machine status information and function menus but also the views from three cameras that are supplied as standard. The monitor functions are controlled by an LED-backlit multifunction jog-type dial.

Other features include an LED door lamp that switches on when the cabin door is opened or the ignition switched off, and the FOPS Level II roof guard is equipped with a lockable swing-open section so the external roof glass can be easily cleaned.

Quick Hitch piping is fitted as standard on the SK140SRLC-7, promoting its capability as a multi-purpose machine. The operator can select one of seven pre-set hydraulic modes (e.g. bucket, nibbler, tilt rotator, breaker etc.) via the 10-inch display screen and jog-dial. In addition to the pre-set modes, four optional modes can be configured to operation requirements.

The SK140SRLC-7 is also available to order ex-factory with build options of dozer, dual-boom, side drain, and additional counterbalance weights (580 and 1,000kg).

“Kobelco is committed to designing and manufacturing the most capable and efficient excavators and the introduction of SK140SRLC-7 is proof indeed of this,” says Peter Stuijt, product manager at Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe.

“The latest technology that features within the SK140SRLC-7 provides the basis for a multi-purpose excavator with reduced operating costs and exceptional working performance. The fact that this machine is already Stage V-compliant also underlines Kobelco’s dedication to reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint – an issue that nobody can afford to ignore.”

Kobelco helps German contractor cement a reputation

A couple of Kobelco excavators have shown their worth on the construction of a business park in Germany.

Monheim is a picturesque town on the Rhine, 25km south of Düsseldorf in Germany. What was once a 250,000m² refinery site has been under redevelopment since 2010 as a business park, attracting substantial blue-chip inward investment into the area.

Although only founded in 2016, Wezendonck Tiefbau GmbH from Oberhausen has already been making a name for itself in the local construction industry thankls to its work on the redevelopment of the Monheim business park, and in particular, in the earthworks.

Company owner Sebastian Wezendonck says that he relies on first class and reliable construction machinery for the project and Kobelco is one of his preferred brands. His equipment fleet includes a number of Kobelco excavators, including the compact SK55SRX-6 and SK85MSR-3.

Selling points of the SK85MSR-3 midi excavator are its low noise output, low fuel consumption, high performance, easy maintenance and easy operation. The iNDr technology (Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction) means that the inlet and outlet channels are offset to each other so that the cooling system effectively reduces the noise levels inside and outside the cabin. In addition, the dense 60-mesh filter prevents the air filter from clogging, reducing engine stress.

The 35.2 kN tear-out force and 52.7 kN freeing force, coupled with a maximum working range of 7220 mm in height and 3860 mm in depth, make it a machine to be reckoned with.

Kobelco’s 2-piece boom can be fitted to the SK85MSR to widen the operating range. For instance, when fitted to a Kobelco SK85MSR, the 2-piece boom allows the machine to dig down to 4590mm and achieve a digging reach of 8010mm, making itideal for applications such as groundworks, drainage and digging trenches for utilities, Wezendonck finds.

With an operating weight of just over 5 tonnes (5,160kg to be precise), the SK55SRX-6 has from a relatively small footprint that is only 1940mm wide but delivers 35.2 kN digging force and 24.6 kN tear-out force. Working range is 3900mm depth and 5930mm height. The integrated hydraulic circuitry from the three on-board hydraulic pumps reduces the overall engine/hydraulic workload without compromising performances. This machine also has Kobelco’s iNDr system, eliminating dust inside the engine compartment and reducing noise output.

Operator Vladimir Pesnjak says of the bigger machine: “Japanese excavators have a reputation for being unbeatably best in their class and the Kobelco SK85MSR-3 delivers practical proof of this. However, being comfortable is the most important thing to me. The SK85MSR-3 has a comfortable cabin and the large windshields allow for a good, all-round view. I feel really comfortable here all day long.”

And of the smaller Kobelco, he says: “The SK55SRX-6 has a comfortable seat, sufficient storage space and plenty of room for me to move – you wouldn’t believe it was such a small machine.”



Following the recent and successful introduction of several heavy demolition machines in Europe, Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) launched its largest excavator yet. The Kobelco SK850LC-10E is the latest addition to the Japanese manufacturer’s proven Generation 10 range and will make its European debut at BAUMA on 8-15 April and available from their UK dealer Molson Group soon after.

Kobelco is well-known worldwide as a leading excavator specialist with more than 80 years of manufacturing and design experience. The manufacturer’s machines are particularly highly-regarded for their advanced technology and the SK850LC-10E is no exception.

Driven by a powerful Hino engine, the new machine delivers superior strength and performance via an uprated specification of 2,120 Nm of torque and 380 kW of power. The SK850LC-10E also features Kobelco’s latest cooling system – a hydraulically-driven twin fan engine cooling system. This hydraulic version also prevents over-cooling by use of integrated sensors to reduce the speed of the twin-fan unit, helping to increase efficiency and reliability.

In addition, technically advanced systems in the engine’s dynamics have been designed to further help reduce the machine’s carbon footprint and meet the new Stage V emissions regulations, which come into force later this year.

The conventional SK850LC-10E, with standard boom and four arm variations, is best suited to general construction and excavation jobsites. However, extensive development and testing was undertaken in quarry conditions in China, India and a number of other South East Asian countries, also proving the machine’s hardworking and durability credentials. An ‘ME’ version of the SK850LC-10E, with short boom and short arm, is also available specifically for quarrying. A demolition (DLC) version is expected to launch in 2020.

Commenting on the introduction of the new SK850LC-10E, KCME Product Manager, Peter Stuijt, said: “We are really excited to launch our heaviest excavator at BAUMA 2019. The success of our heavy demolition equipment in Europe paved the way for the introduction of a larger conventional machine. The SK850LC-10E will offer high performance, fast cycle times and a smooth hydraulic system as well as low fuel consumption.”