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2021 100th Anniversary Commemorative Activities: Announcing the concept machine of Komatsu’s first fully electric and remote-controlled mini excavator powered by lithium-ion battery

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary on May 13, Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Hiroyuki Ogawa) (hereafter “Komatsu”) announced a fully electric (non-hydraulic drive) and exclusively remote-controlled mini excavator powered by lithium-ion battery, as its next-generation concept machine for the future.  

Designed to lay the foundations for commercialization of fully electric construction equipment of the future, this concept machine for a fully electric 3-ton class (bucket capacity: 0.09 m3) mini excavator is based on Komatsu’s accumulated technological expertise in electric forklifts and mini excavators, and incorporates new technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries and electric cylinders which utilize no hydraulics. Thanks to full-electric power, it is an eco-friendly machine, as it generates no exhaust gas, noise or heat. In addition to improved energy efficiency, it also features maintenance-free operation thanks to no use of hydraulic equipment. 

As this concept machine requires no operator on board the machine, Komatsu has achieved totally new concepts related to vehicle designs and performance. A vehicle controller and operational device are connected via wireless LAN, resulting in no need to install facilities or create an environment, which are required in the conventional remote-control system, and enabling remote control operations under any work environment. With respect to the operational devices of the vehicle, the operator can select the one which he/she likes. Furthermore, it offers a new workstyle of operating it without boarding it, reducing the operator’s fatigue and improving workplace productivity. Thanks to electrification and remote control, this machine should be stress-free for the operator, as it will make machine operation easy for work in confined, dangerous sites, such as for indoor demolition and rescue work from disasters.  

In 2020, Komatsu launched the PC30E-5 electric mini excavators  (hydraulic drive) in Japan, and plans to introduce electric mini excavators (hydraulic drive)  after equipping them with the lithium-ion battery system used in the concept machine for Europe in FY2022.

Komatsu Europe introduces D475A-8 Dozer

Outstanding productivity and enhanced ride performance.

Vilvoorde June 2020 – Komatsu Europe announces the launch of the 112 tonnes D475A-8 crawler dozer with improved production levels and new features for comfort and safety. Its powerful and economical Komatsu engine integrates the latest emission control technologies and fuel-saving features. Increased engine power provides faster reverse climbing speed, lower cycle times and a drastic increase in productivity. 

It’s a safe, fast and powerful addition to any customer’s fleet    

Gregory Peeters is Product Manager at Komatsu Europe. He says: “The new D475A-8 was designed with the operator in mind, to easily enable the full use of the increased engine power and to safely and comfortably improve productivity. It’s a safe, fast and powerful addition to any customer’s fleet”.

The latest KOMTRAX and KOMTRAX Plus telematics, and the Komatsu Care maintenance program offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime.

Ecology and performance

The D475A-8 has an operating weight of 112.600 kg. A new Komatsu SAA12V140E-7 engine, EU Stage V compliant, provides 697 kW / 934 HP @ 2.000 rpm in forward gear and 777 kW / 1040 HP @ 2.000 rpm in reverse. For greater efficiency during long pushes, the torque converter lockup clutch can be automatically engaged. Engine power is then sent directly to the transmission, increasing ground speed and machine efficiency, for less fuel consumption and faster cycle times.

At any time, the working mode can be set to either “P mode” for maximum production (Power) or “E mode” for energy-saving operation (Economy). Combined with the automatic or manual gearshift mode, this allows to select optimal machine operating conditions for the work at hand.

Standard features can be activated by the operator for comfortable operations and high productivity. The variable giant ripper is ideal for digging through tough material. The Auto Downshift function, reverse slow mode or Track shoe slip control mode are all easily available and can be quickly cancelled. The K-Bogie undercarriage system increases the length of track on ground to improve machine stability and traction.

First Class Comfort

The D475A-8 has a new tall and spacious cab with a high rigidity structure and new dampers for the mounts. Large glass windows provide outstanding visibility on both blade and ripper.

A new reclining air-suspension seat reduces vibrations for the operator: fixed in an angled position (12°) it is heated and ventilated, with thicker cushions and adjustable lumbar support.

A new equalizer bar shoulder pad and upgraded K-bogies further increase driving comfort. Noise and vibrations are greatly reduced.

A large multi-lingual high resolution LCD monitor gives quick access to the auto-idle shutdown, the Operator Identification System, the auto ripper return and the auto blade tilt functions. It can display the working area behind the machine and features an energy-saving guide and a new trouble-shooter to help minimize down time.

The layout for the steering console and work equipment lever was renewed, and the height of the steering console can be adjusted electronically. The Palm Command Control System (PCCS) is ergonomically designed to provide the operator with a relaxed posture and superb control. Gear shifting is simplified with push buttons. The electronically-controlled work equipment joystick allows to move both the blade and the ripper quicker and more accurately than ever before.

The automatic climate control system, 12V outlet power source and auxiliary input jack further contribute to create a first class working environment for the operator.

Safety and maintenance

The D475A-8’s main frame enhances machine stiffness by 125%, and increases its durability drastically. The new mono-blade linkage provides less blade sway movement and extends the maintenance intervals of blade joints.

A swing fan gives easy cleaning access to the front-side of the radiator core. A caution indication reminds the operator to engage the seat belt, and a new secondary engine shutdown switch is now located on the side of the machine. The “Operator sensing system”, will engage the travel brake and lock the work equipment when no one is sitting in the operator seat.

Heavy duty steps lead up to an upgraded rear platform with large hand rails for safe access to rear maintenance points: fuel and washer fluid levels check and refill, cleaning of cab windows and air conditioner condenser, cab lights replacement and other routine maintenance are all performed safely. The optional power ladder can provide easier and safer access and egress to and from the cabin.

D475-8: New features and benefits

  • Engine output increase in reverse, reaching 777kW gross.
  • EU Stage V compliant
  • Improved monocoque cabin with
    • Colour, multi-function monitor
    • Air suspended, heated and ventilated seat with thick cushions and inflatable lumbar support, fixed in a 12° angle.
    • Increased leg room
    • Suspended pedals
    • Increased AC performance and air-tightness
    • Improved view on the blade
  • Electronic work equipment and ripper control, eliminating in-cabin hydraulic lines
  • Operator presence Sensing System, connected to travel brake & work equipment lock
  • Improved viscous dampers CDM-2 with longer stroke for more comfort
  • Rubber shoulder pads on equalizer bar for a softer ride
  • Bigger minor bogie stroke for a softer ride
  • LED working lamps (6x) for better vision and a safer operation.
  • KOMTRAX Step 5 & KOMTRAX Plus
    • Fuel abnormality (theft) reports
    • Machine status reports
    • Machine condition and trends
  • Komatsu CARE – Peace of Mind, Cost Down and Profit Up
    • 3 year / 2000 hrs scheduled maintenance interventions
    • 5 year / 9,000 hrs warranty on the KDPF (2x)
  • Rear-view camera– improved view helps avoid incidents
  • Platform – all around and safe access
  • Mining Spec as standard
    • Quick couplings for draining and filling oils and coolant
    • Live oil sampling
    • Canister type breathers
  • Ladder (option) – hydraulic ladder for safe access, interconnected with park brake
  • A variety of ripper shanks and points is available at KEPO.

Komatsu bringing together several of its mining product lines through rebrand -Change will affect surface blasthole drills and wheel loaders, underground hard rock

Signifying the ongoing evolution and rapid transformation of its growing mining product offerings, Komatsu Ltd.(hereafter “Komatsu”) (President & CEO: Hiroyuki Ogawa) announced plans to rebrand its underground hard rock equipment, surface wheel loaders and new line of blasthole drills to reflect the company’s united focus on growth in these areas.  

Komatsu will retain its iconic P&H and Joy brands for the products longest associated with those names: P&H for its electric and hydraulic rope shovels, draglines, and 320XPC blasthole drill; Joy for longwall systems, and room and pillar equipment. Rebranding as Komatsu all surface wheel loaders, new blasthole drills and all underground hard rock equipment, expands the Komatsu brand in mining, while retaining the legacies of its other respected brands, said Jeffrey Dawes, President and CEO of Komatsu Mining. 

The first rebranded product, the Komatsu ZT44 track drill, made its debut at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 in Las Vegas this March.  

“Building on the growth of our mining portfolio, we’re excited to unite more products under the Komatsu brand, while respecting the history and value of the P&H and Joy brands,” Dawes said. “As we approach Komatsu’s 100th anniversary, it’s a great moment to expand the brand in mining and celebrate the growth of these product lines.”

A Komatsu ZT44 track drill is seen at the Komatsu Proving Grounds in Arizona.

Komatsu Europe launches WA70M-8 Compact Wheel Loader

The new all-rounder with the latest EU Stage V Engine

Vilvoorde, May 2020 – The all-new Komatsu WA70M-8 compact wheel loader delivers first-class operator comfort, optimum visibility, outstanding safety levels, an ergonomic interface, effortless operation, and a bold contemporary styling for a strong distinctive visual presence. Combined with KOMTRAX, the WA70M-8 promises unbeatable customer value – whatever and wherever the job.

On construction sites, for gardening, landscaping or agricultural jobs, the Komatsu WA70M-8 is a reliable and versatile tool, with its hydraulic quick-coupler, Easy Fork kinematic and a wide range of available attachments.

With compact dimensions, excellent all-around visibility and a wide variety and easy to use options it is the most loved little helper on every jobsite    

“The new WA70M-8 completes the Komatsu Compact Wheel Loader range equipped with the latest EU Stage V engine technology” says Michael Wadsack Product Manager at Komatsu Europe. “Designed with compact dimensions, excellent all-around visibility and a wide variety and easy to use options it is the most loved little helper on every jobsite.”

Powerful, flexible and versatile

The WA70M‐8 is equipped with a powerful Komatsu low-emission engine and Diesel Particle Filter and complies with the EU Stage V regulations. Engine power was increased by 25% vs. previous model and now reaches 46.2 kW / 62.8 HP. Optimised for tough construction applications, its fully automatic hydrostatic transmission sends power to all four wheels. High torque with the low rpm engine setting gives fast uphill travel performance thanks to stronger engine power.

The operator can rely on Easy Fork kinematic to transport loads with Komatsu pallet forks parallel to the ground without readjusting the fork tines. Operators still benefit from the Z-bar kinematic, with high breakout force and fast and easy bucket filling, and for an easy handling of the machine.

Reduced Operating Costs

Thanks to the wide opening engine hood and tiltable cabin, all service points are easy to access. A 6.000 hr cleaning interval typically makes the DPF maintenance-free for 10 years. The newly designed engine with high torque at low rpm level boosts performance and helps to achieve low fuel consumption in every application.

KOMTRAX telematics offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime – and is free of charge.

Comfort & Safety

For maximum operational safety, the machine’s low centre of gravity enhances stability, and its compact dimensions and new engine hood ensure exceptional all-round visibility.

The new large and multifunctional high-resolution TFT-LCD widescreen colour monitor has 24 built-in languages, which allows easy adjusting for nearly all operator needs. The optional air conditioner and Electronic Controlled Suspension System (ECSS) further promote comfort and productivity.

Easy Maintenance

All maintenance and service can be performed easily and quickly thanks to the tilting cab. The engine hood opens widely for a quick daily inspection, the electric equipment is well protected behind a maintenance cover, and the easy-to-clean wide core radiator, with an optional reversible fan, is conveniently accessible.

WA70M-8 New Features and benefits

  • EU Stage V emissions compliant – Peace of mind, meet any tender requirements
  • DPF – Peace of mind, environmentally friendly
  • 6000 hr DPF cleaning interval – Peace of mind, low maintenance cost
  • High torque engine – more power and higher torque – Increased productivity
  • Variable creep speed – option – control and productivity
  • New ergonomic controls – Innovative interior design – Comfort & ease of operation
  • New full colour monitor – sharp, bright, 7” TFT-LCD widescreen monitor panel with 24 built-in languages. Productivity up.
  • Seat belt caution – Enhanced safety, status shown on large colour monitor – peace of mind.
  • Secondary engine stop switch – Enhanced safety feature
  • Lowered exhaust pipe – Improved visibility, enhanced safety – peace of mind
  • KOMTRAX – Ultimate equipment monitoring incl. fuel consumption for easy checking

Are You Using Tech to Its Fullest? OEMs Say Yes… and No

In the course of our work at CE, we ask OEMs a lot of questions about their products. It’s one of the ways we strive to help you make informed buying and asset-management decisions.

The most obvious—and continuous—change to machines in recent years is the addition of technology. Just to name some of the advances in excavators alone, there are multiple work modes for multiple functions and fuel savings, sensors and settings to help operators stay on grade and control depth, machine telematics, and more.

For an upcoming Buying File feature on excavators, we asked manufacturers if they thought you were properly using all the technology provided. Yes, you.

What we heard was a mixed bag.

“I would say many customers do not fully utilize the technology available, and the best example of this is the available working modes in the monitor,” says Andrew Earing, product marketing manager, excavators, for Komatsu. “Customers set the machine to operate in Power Mode providing maximum production, power, and multifunction. But oftentimes, maximum production is not required and Economy Mode could be used save fuel while meeting the performance needs.

“Another example is the use of operator ID’s,” Earing says. “An operator ID can be input into the monitor to track job hours, fuel consumption, and idle time. Not only can this information be used to monitor an operator’s performance, but also to manage a specific job. And using an operator ID for a specific job will provide detailed machine information to improve quoting accuracy.”

Aaron Kleingartner, marketing manager at Doosan, says the next generation will lead the way in usage. We’d agree that’s no cliche.

“We see an increased adoption of technology in Doosan excavators, especially as the next generation of heavy equipment owners and operators enter the industry,” he says. “For seasoned construction professionals, telematics fleet-management systems may not seem worth the time it takes to understand how they work. On the other hand, younger, tech-savvy owners and operators are more likely to want access to more data to better utilize their equipment and partner with their dealer to ensure they are operating in an efficient manner.

“The more construction firms embrace collecting and analyzing data, or working with their local dealer to help review it, the better companies can assess their equipment needs,” Kleingartner says.

Dealers indeed play a key training and advisory role, and may be able to get a large operator segment, the “under users,” to increase their stake in technology. Jay Quatro, field application and training specialist for Wacker Neuson, feels telematics is particularly underutilized.

“When most users hear ‘telematics’ they think about simply locating or tracking the machine,” Quatro says. “However, as technology has increased over the past several years, telematics services go beyond simple location tools. Users are also able to monitor critical machine functions, such as fuel level and battery voltage, as well as set up maintenance schedules and automatic alerts. Service departments should be taking full advantage of this technology to manage machines that spend the majority of their time in the field.”

Tyler Peterson, JCB’s product manager for large excavators, concurs.

“If there is one technology or capability that I would judge to be underutilized, across all brands, it is telematics,” Peterson says. “We are seeing strong indicators, however, that owners and fleet managers are beginning to understand the full potential value of telematics systems for enhanced asset utilization, maintenance planning, and improved machine security.”

So not everyone is equal in his or her command of technology, but most manufacturers think the tide is turning. And they’re here to help.

“Many owner/operators today are very tech savvy and utilize as much of the technological advances as possible,” says Michael Shebetka, product manager at Takeuchi. “However, to some, the newer technology may not be as important or they are simply unsure how to utilize the technology their machine offers. Information and training are keys for the customer to make an informed decision.”

“We understand that sometimes the owner’s manual never comes out of the bag, so the biggest challenge is making sure all our customers know about the new features,” says Matthew McLean, GPE product manager, Volvo Construction Equipment.

“So, a lot of our focus is on making sure our sales teams understand the latest machines quite well, and can share all the new features with the customers.”

Mulholland turns to Komatsu for first dozer

Mulholland Contracts is a second-generation family run business founded in West Lothian by Trevor Mulholland in 1974.

With a team of more than 400 people and a fleet of 60 excavators, the company offers the full spectrum of construction works for the house-building sector – from civil engineering and bulk earthmoving to roads and utility services.

In December 2019 Mulholland took delivery of its first bulldozer, a Komatsu D61PXi-24. It had previously been using a hired bulldozer but demand had reached the stage where it was clearly time to buy rather than cross-hire.

Although none of its excavators were Komatsu models, Mulholland approached dealer Marubeni-Komatsu after hearing recommendations that Komatsu bulldozers were the ones to go for. The fact that Marubeni-Komatsu’s sales and support team in Scotland was only half-an-hour away was also a plus.

Marubeni-Komatsu describes the mid-size D61PXi-24, with its super-slant nose design, as “an all-round performer”.

The dozer is also integrated with Komatsu’s machine control system, allowing it to complete automated operation from heavy dozing to fine grading.

“Our aim is to be innovative leaders in our marketplace, so it made sense to choose the intelligent machine control bulldozer over the standard option,” says finance director Kevin Breen.

The machine has already been put to work on a new housing estate in Midlothian where it has been creating landscape bunds. It will soon be moved to a large housing estate project in Edinburgh where it will be spending the next few years.

“Initial use of the D61PXi-24 bulldozer has shown that our decision to go with Komatsu has been well judged,” moneyman Breen says. “Our experienced operator has also given positive feedback on the machine compared to other manufacturers.”

Komatsu’s new 90-tonne mining truck

The Komatsu HD785-8 rigid bump truck, with its payload capacity of 92.2 tonnes, is built for mining and quarry applications.

It is powered by an EU Stage V Komatsu SAA12V140E-7 engine (849 kW / 1,140 HP) that uses dual Komatsu diesel particulate filters (KDPF), which means that most regeneration is performed passively. There is no selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and no need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or AdBlue.

The HD785-8 has a seven-speed, fully automatic transmission with two selectable reverse speeds. The K-ATOMiCS technology – which stands for Komatsu advanced transmission with optimum modulation control system – is there for smooth clutch engagement to give a more comfortable ride and reduced material spillage.

Komatsu says it is fast out of the pit, can handle the hills and, with its wet multiple disc brakes on all wheels, is obedient when asked to stop.

The Komatsu traction control system (KTCS) is standard on the HD785-8, automatically applying pressure to independent brake assemblies for optimum traction in various ground conditions.

Other technology includes the Komtrax telematics and KomVision camera system. The latter creates a real-time 360-degree bird’s-eye view on the cab monitor to eliminate any blind spots around the machine.

The people at Komatsu insist tha it’s a great all-round drive. “The new HD785-8 proposes excellent operator comfort, great travel performance and the well-known Komatsu reliability of the previous model,” says Komatsu Europe product manager Juuso Ahola. “This new machine is such a pleasure to operate that you just might want to keep the keys at the end of your shift rather than hand them over to the next operator.”

Komatsu prepares new MR-5 series

A new series of MR-5 mini excavators is on the way from Komatsu later this year.

The new PC18MR-5, PC22MR-5, PC26MR-5 and PC58MR-5 mini excavators are due for introduction to the European market in the second half of 2020.

The range-topping PC58MR-5, a five-tonner, is pictured above.

The all-new Stage V emissions compliant MR-5 range replaces the old MR-3 product line. They all come with Komatsu’s Komtrax monitoring system as standard.

Operating weights range from 1820 kg for the PC18MR-5 (canopy version – pictured below) to 5640 kg for the PC58MR-5.

Sales features include a seat belt indicator, an easily accessible secondary shut down switch and protected PPC levers.

Factory-fit options include fingertip proportional controls and a hydraulic quick coupler line.

Simone Reddi, Komatsu Europe product manager for mini excavators, says: “The MR-5 range concentrates the quality and performance of the larger Komatsu construction range into a compact package, and with a unique design concept the Komatsu MR-5 excavators are sure to stand out on jobsites across Europe.”

 Operating weightMax digging depthMax digging reach
PC18MR-51820 kg2360mm4300mm
PC22MR-52430 kg2615mm4500mm
PC26MR-52720 kg2720mm4660mm
PC58MR-55640 kg4130mm6570mm