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SANY Christmas Decoration Contest 2020 ongoing

SANY is now hosting SANY Christmas Decoration Contest 2020 on its Facebook page to celebrate Christmas with its global dealers, clients and fans.

Contestants took part in the online event by posting pictures of their SANY machines decorated with Christmas ornaments or other forms of artworks, for example, paintings, photoshopped pictures and handcrafts, under the theme of ‘SANY plus Christmas’.  

Kicked off on Dec 11, the online event has received over 60,000 brand impressions and attracted over 5,000 new followers by Dec 24, the closing date of submission before voting. The authors of the most voted 12 works among all 99 entries will be awarded Amazon gift cards worth $50 to $500.

Here are some of the eye-catching entries selected. 

500 SANY machines for Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway

Recently, Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project has reached a critical milestone following the breakthrough of tunnel No.3. There are currently more than 500 SANY machines working on the construction site of the project in Indonesia. “80 percent of the equipment used in this project are provided by SANY,” LIU Haitao, head of a key subcontractor of this project introduces.

SANY provided a wide range of versatile machines that were able to handle mix of different kinds of soils. SANY SY215C excavators played a key role in the breakthrough of tunnel No.5, a challenging project that had to be completed with traditional excavation methods because of soft soil, and SANY STR318H roadheaders helped boring through hard rock in tunnel No.11.

Besides quality and reliable equipment, SANY also supported the project with tailored service. In addition to 5 specially designated vehicles and 3 service branches along the line, 15 service engineers stationed at the construction site, performing regular maintenance and answering service calls promptly. “We work and sometimes even live on the job site. Many people think we are workaholics but that’s how we get work done fast,” LIU Jun, SANY’s service engineer at the job site recalls.

This project also offered opportunities for the local community to improve labor force competency. “Local people are keen to be trained as operators in the project. Through this job, they can improve their skills to find a better job in the future,” LIANG Jing, director of the sales department of SANY Indonesia BU says. In the past 5 years, SANY supported the training of local operators with a variety of equipment, a program that benefited hundreds of local citizens and their families.

“Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway is a landmark infrastructure project demonstrating partnership and friendship between Indonesia and China. We believe it sets a very good example for Asian countries on cooperation,” Rini Mariani Soemarno, the then Indonesian Minister of State-owned Enterprises praised.

About Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project

Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway is set to connect Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, and Bandung, the textile hub, covering a distance of over 140 kilometers. The total investment of the project amounts to $6 billion. The  Jakarta-Bandung railway with a designed speed of 350 km/h will be Indonesia’s first, even Southeast Asia’s first high-speed railway. When it is completed, the line will shorten passenger commute time to approximately 40 minutes.

SANY battery electric truck mixers: when traditional concrete mixing goes green

SANY unveiled full battery electric version of its truck mixers, which are scheduled to be under the spotlight at bauma CHINA 2020.

The light-weight designed model is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motors with maximum 350 kW in power output and 2800 N·m in torque, remarkably outperforming diesel-powered vehicle. The high-energy-density LFP batteries supply with sufficient energetic sources to motion and mixing activities of the vehicle, enabling a NEDC-rated driving range of 250 KM. What’s more important is our safety design. We partnered with world-leading battery supplier to augment the power source with thermal management technology, anti roll-over structure, and fire-proof protection system.

Other features of the vehicle include self-heating function in low-temperature environment and advanced cooling system in high-temperature condition, so the truck is versatile under a wide scope of work conditions. In addition, Truck Line, an IoT platform dedicated for SANY vehicle, provides with productivity-enhancing functions, such as real-time monitoring, performance analysis, remote diagnosis. 

These battery mixer trucks are not just in prototype, rather, have been delivered to and commissioned for our strategic partners in China. The world is going green. SANY’s battery-powered solutions are and will be supporting our customers to build up confidence in facing the ever stringent emission regulations.