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Tractor sales decline further amid Covid-19 uncertainty

Sales of tractors in the UK were down 42% compared to May 2019

Total tractor registrations in May 2020 were nearly 42 percent lower than the same time last year, new analysis shows.

Figures from the Agricultural Engineers’ Association (AEA) show that only 586 tractors (>50hp) were registered last month.

This figure is 41.9 percent lower compared to May 2019, and comes amid Brexit and ongoing Covid-19 related uncertainty.

Some machinery plants closed temporarily in March and April as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Figures also show that overall tractor sales in the UK over the first five months of this year were over 26 percent on the same period as 2019.

Tractor registrations are taken as a broad indicator of the strength of the domestic market for agricultural equipment, AEA explained.

Tractors must be licensed for use on public roads and as such are registered with the Department for Transport which allows an accurate count to be made.

In value terms, sales of tractors, plus parts and accessories, account for almost one half of farmers’ total spend on equipment, which again makes this data series a prime indicator.