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The Power of Cummins QSK95 for Marine (One of the World’s Largest Diesel Engines)

Dec 28, 2020 Excavator blog

The Cummins QSK95 rules the seas. It’s one of the largest diesel engines available globally. Many marine boats throughout the world are already using the engine’s incredible power for various applications. Alongside its power, the QSK95 is designed for minimized environmental impact, which is attractive to many environmentally conscious companies.

Want to know more about the QSK95’s world-leading power? Keep reading to find out just how powerful the engine is, plus the many features that make it so impressive.

The Most Powerful High-Speed Engine for Marine Vessels

If you’ve wondered what is the most powerful Cummins engine, the answer is simple — it’s the QSK95. Besides being the most impressive Cummins engine, it is also the most powerful high-speed engine ever built for marine vessels. This V-16 cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine offers 3,200 to 4,200 horsepower and 15,462 to 17,802 pound-feet torque.

To give you an idea of how strong the engine is, consider that its horsepower is equivalent to the sum horsepower of 25 passenger cars. Additionally, when used for power generators, a single unit could put out enough power for over 1,500 homes.

Alongside being the most powerful engine ever constructed for marine vessels, it also outpaces medium speed engines. For example, the QSK95 offers cost-effective rebuilds and an easier installation process due to how compact the engine is. Compared to medium speed engines, it also has lower capital costs.

The heart of the engine is designed for incredible strength. With this power backing it up, the power cylinder can reach impressive levels of peak cylinder pressure. As a result of the higher cylinder pressure, the engine has enhanced combustion, which allows it to reduce fuel consumption and meet the strictest emissions regulations.

You can trust the engine to last for a long time, reliably providing power to your vessel. Due to the engine’s externally mounted key components, it’s easy for mechanics to access them, leading to faster maintenance services. This engine is so durably built that you can expect it to provide an incredibly long life-to-overhaul cycle, even when it is consistently placed in severe-duty conditions.

Maximized Power With Minimal Environmental Footprint

As the largest Cummins engine, the QSK95 comes with strength at its core. Although it’s significantly powerful, the QSK95’s clean combustion and efficient fuel injection system allow it to meet International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier 2 and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3 emissions standards. For marine applications, the 4,000 horsepower marine engine utilizes exhaust after-treatment systems from Cummins to attain EPA Tier 4 emissions standards.

The QSK95 Cummins marine engine was also made with future-thinking environmental stewardship in mind. It’s constructed for zero disposal impact, meeting Green Passport standards. Additionally, the engine replaces the need for lube oil filters with an ELIMINATOR™ oil filtration system. The QSK95 also incorporates on-engine fuel filter replacement cartridges that are much more affordable and easy to dispose of and maintain.

Due to the engine’s reduced fuel consumption, users save money on operating costs, and the engine has less of an environmental impact. By lowering fuel usage, it becomes much more environmentally sustainable.

Cummins QSK95 Features

Besides the exceptional power, the engine comes with many features that make it one of the most impressive overall engines today. If you’re interested in purchasing the QSK95, check out some of its primary components:

Fuel system: The QSK95 comes with a High-Pressure Common Rail Fuel System designed to provide the engine with high injection pressure, going up to 2,500 bar. The high pressure comes with several benefits, such as lower emissions, greater low-end torque, idle stability and quiet operation. The fuel system also has NanoNet™ filtration, which prevents fuel contamination.

Cooling system: The cooling system features a titanium plate heat exchanger, requiring little maintenance and offering exceptional durability. It also has a two-pump, two-loop system that uses a dual impeller, along with a single shaft pump that boasts high-quality sealing technology.

Exhaust system: The engine has a dry shielded exhaust manifest, providing superior performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Air system: The engine comes with two-stage aftercooling to improve performance and operational efficiency. It also has Cummins turbochargers designed for marine applications.

Lubrication system: Instead of using spin-on filters, the lubrication features the ELIMINATOR™ self-cleaning oil filtration system, which lowers costs and reduces time spent on maintenance. The engine also has a pre-lube starter to protect it from damage coming from dry starts.

Electronics: The engine’s 24-volt electronics use proven Electronic Control Modules (ECM) technology from Cummins to track operating parameters. They also come with prognostics, complete engine protection and diagnostics. A customer favorite is the customer interface box containing all the vessel connections, which makes it much easier to install the engine properly.

Certifications: For emissions conscious buyers, the engine’s compliance with IMO Tier 2 emissions regulations is a major draw. The QSK95 also meets requirements from the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).

Optional equipment: Interested in customizing the engine? You can add turbine air starters, an SAE B accessory drive and a fully integrated type approved safety and alarm system. You can also select front power take-off up to 80% rated power and C Command monitoring and display panels.

Current Cummins QSK95 Marine Uses

One of the primary applications for the QSK95 is powering tugboats. These tugboats play an essential role in maritime transport and the world economy. Ships that transport products and raw materials across the seas account for 90% of the world’s trade. The large cargo ships that do most of this transportation require tugboats to help them dock in port.

As you might expect, the tugboats assisting these ships have to be powerful. The QSK95 is a perfect fit for this application, as the engine gives these boats the strength they need to pull large cargo ships and help them dock safely. Tugboats with QSK95 engines are already being used in Ghana, helping to keep the country’s economy afloat.

Another QSK95 Cummins marine use includes its installation in recreational marine vessels, such as superyachts and vessels designed to support yachts. You can also find the engine utilized in passenger ferries and crew boats.