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What are the parts for the 6CT engine?

Feb 25, 2021 Excavator blog

One of the heaviest duty engines that have seen the most use is the Cummins 6CT engine from the C-series that the company manufactures. when you take a look at motor homes, RVs, fire trucks, large pickup trucks, and other big vehicles, then what you are seeing under the hood is probably a Cummins 6CT engine. This heavy duty engine definitely has seen a lot of use due to its reliability and the horsepower that it provides. And both of the qualities of the C-series of an engine have made the 6CT a very popular one among the people who love customizing car engines and parts.

What are the engine parts of the 6CT engine?

The combustion chamber is formed of the cylinder, which is tubular, and the piston, which moves in the cylinder from bottom dead center to top dead center and vice versa. The engine often consists of several such cylinders, which can be in different arrangements in the engine. The cylinder opens on one side into the crankcase and on the other side it is closed or closed by valves. Since the cylinder is subjected to heavy loads, especially in the region of the dead centers, where the movement reversal of the piston leads to reduced lubrication and thus to increased wear.

The piston head is one part of the engine. The piston is responsible for the sealing of the combustion chamber. In addition, it should implement the pressure which arises during the working cycle of internal combustion engines in motion and thus drives the motor vehicle or generate pressure by the compression of the fuel-air mixture. The pressure passes the piston to the connecting rod and the heat to the cylinder on.

Another part is the connecting rod, provides for the transmission of the force which is generated during the stroke movement of the piston, on the crankshaft. In this case, the rectilinear piston movement is converted into a rotational movement of the crankshaft. The connecting rod is exposed to constantly changing loads. The stresses on train, pressure, bending and buckling constantly change.

The crankshaft transmits the force delivered by the linear motion of the piston to the connecting rod as the torque to the flywheel of the clutch. The crankshaft consists of crank pin. The crankpins receive the connecting rod and perform a circular movement about the axis of rotation of the crankshaft. The diameter of this circular movement corresponds to the lifting movement which is generated in the cylinder by the piston.

More about the C-series engines

The Cummins 6CT parts can all be purchased for a reasonable price online. And the engine itself is a six-diesel engine that has got a capacity of 8.3 liters. The engine was first being manufactured in the year 1998. The engine was based on the previous Cummins C engine, that was called the 6C8.3. This engine was first produced in 1985. The most popular version of this engine was the diesel version. In fact today, most of the heavy-duty engines that you see are probably the Cummins 6CT engine.