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Womb of Wudang Culture

Jan 21, 2021 Excavator blog

In the juncture of the States of Chu, Qin and Han in the Spring and Autumn Period, the Wudang Mountain has long been a strategic place in military for its large altitude and valley depth, which enables difficult access and easy defense.And the name “Wudang” is associated with resistance against external aggression.

  And a Taoist system, or “Wudang School”, formed in the area of the Wudang Mountain by worshipping Xuanwu as the chief god with excellence in self-cultivation as well as Leifa and charm as a form of Taoism, a religion deeply rooted in Chinese traditional culture.

  In the Ming Dynasty, the emperors viewed the Wudang Mountain as a royal temple, worshipped Zhenwu God as the patron angel for the country and casted it as the mountain of “Taiyue, Taihe”, outweighing the five great mountains. Today, the Wudang Mountain deserves the title of holy mountain for its magnificent ancient building complexes, precious Taoist cultural relics, magic Taoist drugs, unique Taoist music, mysterious marital arts and abstruse Taoist philosophy.